Digital Detox at Pilrig House

Turn off, tune out, drop in at Pilrig House

The words on people’s lips these days… And, if you come to stay in Pilrig House this won’t be hard – we still have light switches/dimmers on the wall; heating that merely involves a dial to turn up or down dial; alarm clocks that are not set at the previous owners ‘settings’ and which will awaken you at 4am; showers with a ‘hot/cold’ dial and on/off button – as I call it ‘Noddy-land’ – in other words, easy-peasy and not involving a manual to tell you how to work the pesky thing! I have even photographed the washer/dryer buttons and written out simple steps on how to use the machine, instead of browsing thru’ a 40-page instruction booklet. The bath taps literally turn clockwise and do not involve taking a deep breath and a degree in logistics. So, take heart those of you who have not converted wholly to the digital world or if you are coming to ‘switch off’. Or, if like me (Debbie) you are still stuck in around 1978 as far as technology goes….

Once settled, instead of panicking about your latest email, why not sit back, watch a box-set (ask Debbie to send you her super-long collection file  before you come), or the dog-walkers in the park – almost as much fun, or do a jigsaw/get a board game out, play a CD (yes – there is one of those antiques in each apartment), read a novel left for you – or magazine from the selection in your apartment.  You may even go all out and decide to indulge in a bit of Scottish dancing otherwise known as a  ‘ceilidh’ – great fun!:  Edinburgh Ceilidh Club

For the artisitic, bring your charcoal, paints, pastels and set yourself up outside if the weather is nice? Start practising with your new camera by just using it and ‘playing’? If interested in joining a Zumba or yoga/pilates class – there are daily classes just along the road from Pilrig House which are open to everyone. Mindfulness class of interest? Just ask and we can refer you.

Philip applying the detox lesson at various sites in Scotland

Having recently done the above ourselves in the lovely Yorkshire Dales, we can vouch for the effects. You will be recharged - not your iPad or smart phone. 

I was prompted to write this ‘post’ after experiencing some of the maddening obstacles involved in hotel stays myself over the last year or so – cards that don’t ‘swipe’ for your door being just the start of them… One of our long-standing guests visited a truly luxury self-catering cottage on the Isle of Harris last year – she (and the rest of her party) could not use the cooker for the entire time they were staying as it was so complicated and there were no instructions! I sympathised.

Courses that may appeal with the ‘detox’:

The New Town Cookery School is in 7 Queen St - very central

Cookery School Scotland | Edinburgh New Town Cookery School


Flower School | creative Floristry training courses in Edinburgh & Scotland

If coming this year and looking for something very special to mark the occasion, take a peek at this site below:

Scottish Experiences

Gift Experience Scotland | Scotland's experience gift voucher company

Till next time,