Exploring Your Scottish Roots

Does your family history include Scottish monarchy or pioneering inventors, brave warriors or villainous rogues? You might want to learn about the background of your grandparents, or how your earlier ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. You could create lasting records to pass down to future generations, or you might even be able to discover living relatives.

The fascinating stories of our ancestors stretch back for generations, and researching family genealogy is an increasingly popular pastime. Most people find researching their roots a fulfilling and emotional experience, with many saying that they feel a new sense of connection. Some even say they feel as if they have 'come home'.

Pilrig House, situated less than one mile from Scotland’s main record office, New Register House, is a wonderful location to start exploring the lives and times of ancestors. This is where all of Scotland’s useful records have now been centralised. Births, marriages and deaths are on a computerised database and copies of all the church parish records have been microfilmed.

Armed with a birth, marriage or death certificate, or even just with the name, date of birth, death or marriage details of a family member, you can uncover information about your own family history, including occupations, addresses, cause of death or religion. You might be able to discover your family tartan and which clan you belong to. If your ancestors were evicted from their land during the Highland Clearances of the 18th or 19th century, you could find out more about when and how they set sail for the US or Canada. You could bring your Scottish ancestry to life by building a picture of your Scottish family tree... a memorable gift to pass on to your family members and to future generations.

We can recommend the services of Scottish Roots, a long-established company that provides highly experienced help in exploring Scottish family history. Contact co-founder Stuart Reid in advance of your stay in order to save you valuable time during your visit to Scotland stuart@scottishroots.com.

Please see the Scottish Roots website for telephone contact details, and for information on how they can help you on your own journey of discovery.