Letter From a Visitor to Pilrig House

Extract from a letter to Eleanor Mary James from her mother-in-law Susan Eleanor James Huggard (concerning a visit to Pilrig House):

23 August 1928

We went down Princes Street this morning & did some shopping, and this afternoon we went to tea with the Balfour-Melvilles at Pilrig ... They are two old women, cousins of Aunt Patty’s. It is such a lovely old house - a peel tower which was added to hundreds of years ago - and such lovely old rooms all panelled! & carvings & window seats & little windows in odd corners - quite charming, & lovely old staircase, all curved lines. I should love a house like that…. You go in at big gates off a crowded street, and a long, long drive, and then this beautiful old house, as quiet as if it was miles in the country...

We had tea in the garden... I suppose when the boy gets it, he will sell for building sites! it does seem a shame. We had tea in the garden & such beautiful old silver! – I do wish you could have been there.

Patty James was the aunt of James Lancelot James, Eleanor’s husband.